About Dogclub

Dog Club NFT’s have come to the Polygon Network to mark their territory, and pack a whole new punch on the gaming metaverse. 777 of the toughest dogs on the block will be put in the ring to contend for that alpha position as Top Dawg. Players will have the chance to place bets of $DCLUB on their pooches and fight their way to the top alpha position, while earning a passive income.

Dog Club NFT’s will be the first of its kind to introduce a P2E fighting game only accessible by hold a Dog Club NFT, and placing bets in $DCLUB. With only a very limited NFT supply of 777 available for the entirety of the game. These top dogs will become the hottest dogs available in the NFT marketplace, and some of the rarest top earning P2E in the near future.

Upgrade traits will also be released to utilize and add to your Dog Club NFT for greater advantages in the ring. These upgrades can be added to boost your power, health, speed, and agility. These traits will have limited uses, and can also be lost in a fight as well. So use them strategically to your best advantage to ensure a celebrated win amongst the Top Dawgs.

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Earn with your Dogs!

Each NFT will become a character in our Play-To-Earn game. Each day you can train and fight with your Dogs, the more you have, the higher chance you have to win!

The strongest Dogs will be qualifed for our monthly tournaments, where the top 3 winners will be awarded with $ from our ingame taxes.



Each Dog is algorithmically generated to have a one-of-a-kind combination of 55 variables across multiple categories.


As a Dog owner, you are qualifed to play for free within our game.


We will hold montly tournaments for the strongest Dogs and award the winners with perks and price money.


50% of all generated royalties will go back to the community in different types of giveaways and also to sweep the floor to maintain the floor price.


Every minter will receive the role as "GEN 0" and will automatically have direct passes to our future mints and also presale spots for future collabs.


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